Shojo Anime Colour Cloud Palace

Shojo Anime is one of my favorite genres. Many are based of amazing mangas and light novels. Although they have plenty of source material, there compressed into one season, or canceled abruptly. On top of that, I prefer anime dubbed in English over subtitles. In the anime production world, domestic (Japanese) viewership holds more weight than overseas/global reception. Knowing this, I still continue to watch this sub genre with the expectation that there’s more to the story. So, how did we get to Today’s TGIF topic?

Two years ago, I downloaded Peacock TV, because Psych episodes were free to watch.  After some digging, I found out Peacock made a streaming deal with Retro Crush. It was clear that Peacock TV had a limited anime selection. Still, it was nice to see an effort was made to provide shows that weren’t available on other streaming platforms. Since I wasn’t in the mood for comfort anime (series that I rewatch), I decided to watch The Story of Saiunkoku: Coulor Cloud Palace.


Princess Shueri Hong is a hard working young women that’s noble in name and character. However, her immediate family’s seperation from the main family has led to a humble upbringing. She’s a proper lady, but faces financial issues like a commoner. Growing up during a Civil War shaped her feelings about the nation and all of its people. Although, a few years have passed since the terrible war, the Current King’s aloof nature is setting the stage for another uprising. As a result, Princess Hong is asked to enter the King’s Harem for 500 Gold Coins. This intro may sound heavy, but Colour Cloud Palace is more of a comedy.

King Ryūki Shi, Shūrei Hong, and Seiran Shi (it’s kind of a unrequited love triangle)

You see…Shūrei agrees to the reward, before finding out what she must do to get it. She’s blinded by what the money could do for her family. To be honest, some of the details I mentioned above aren’t disclosed right away. One thing is certain, she’s not going to let this Stupid King’s actions lead to another war. So, Shūrei has to figure out how to get him back on track.

First Impression

Although it has late 80s to early 90s aesthetic appearance, the anime was released April 8, 2006. The feudal setting is beautiful. I like that there’s a clear distinction between the state of the palace and the surrounding areas. It’s apparent the country is still healing from the strife of the palace.

The viewer gets a government for dummies breakdown which helps the audience understand how Saiunkoku operates. The political figures Shūrei shares the main stage with range from the brightest to the shadiest characters.

The RomCom has fighting, but it’s a little cringe. The battle sequences reminds me of the criticism Vampire Knight recieved. I watched the story for the plot, not combat.

There’s an emphasis on girl power and women empowerment that’s met with a realistic amount of resistance. Shūrei is smart and forward thinking. Without her support system, it would be impossible for her progress in the feudal era. She understands and values those connections. Overall, it’s hard to ignore the fact that her biggest obstacle is her gender.

Final Thoughts

This anime is a bit dated, but has aged well. Although Season One is only 59 episodes, most modern animes are lucky to get 15. Still, The Colour Cloud Palace is another Shojo Anime, with plenty of source material to continue the story, that ends abruptly…for dubbed viewers.

Isn’t Toddler Shūrei adorable 🥰

Season Two picks up where Season One Ended. Although I am willing to watch it with English Subtitles, I’ve yet to find streamable episodes. I’d like to continue the novel version of story, but I’m not fluent in Japanese. My last resort is finding the fandom wiki for some type of epilogue.

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