The Dating Plan by Sara Desai

Last month, I decided to spend some time with RomCom Novels. Based on the cover, I could tell it was an interracial romance. Plus, their posture hints at an engagement. Is marriage end game? The bridge connects the cascade of flowers. So all should be good. Right? Well, not exactly. In fact, Katie Anderson’s illustration is out right misleading.

You see, The Dating Plan is an Enemies to Lovers RomCom. The a pinch of unrequited love feeds into the animosity Daisey Patel has for Venture Capitalist, Liam Murphy. In his defense, she was his best friends little sister. It’s kind of hard to get the brothers blessing when he knows the good, bad, and ugly about you. Not to say, Liam didn’t give Daisy false hope of something more. Let’s just say, their teenage years end on bad terms. Decades without crossing paths leads to an embarrassing opportunity.

Fake Bride-to-be

Without giving to much away, Daisy needs a fiance to get her overbearing relatives off her back. Although Daisy’s family means we’ll, she knows that marriage doesn’t garuntee a happy ending. They won’t stop till she’s a ruined woman. Meaning engaged, married, and divorced.

You see these folks are game for an arranged marriage. As long as, everyone agrees that he’s a good fit for their software engineer. If My Big Fat Greek Wedding is coming to mind, your not off. Swap out Greek for Indian (Asia not United States) and replace a shy girl with a fashionista and you’ve got yourself an overbearing family that thinks they know what’s best for you.

Fake Groom-To-Be

Liam needs a wife to get his inheritance. He doesn’t want a real relationship and it would have an expiration date. Why ask Daisy. Well, this Casanova doesn’t exactly know many women that would be willing to go along with this plan without getting attached or inflicting bodily harm for even reaching out to them.

By the way, he has to get married before his next birthday which is creeping up quickly. His immediate and extended family are aware of his heart breaking ways. It’ll be hard to convice his skeptical family that it’s n

What’s The Problem?

On paper, The Dating Plan seems like a means to an end for both parties. Neither is looking for love. Nor entertain emotional relationships. Here’s the problem. Daisy has a deep grudge for her childhood crush. Time doesn’t always heal wounds. Especially, wounded pride.

Since, the fake bride-to-be has a close knit family. Everyone knows who Liam Murphy is and how he broke her teenage heart. Even if Daisy agrees, he’ll still need her families blessing. How will Liam convince Daisy to go along for the ride?

As the title implies, Daisy reluctantly agrees with conditions. It’s not an out right contract, but Excel is involved. True to form, Liam appreciates Daisy’s quirky nature, but her plan needs addendums. After all a convincing courtship needs fun dates. Not glorified business meetings. As the two parties continue to negotiate and adjust the dating plan, can they really keep it strictly business?

Final Thougts

The book was published in 2021. It’s still relatively new. If I’ve peaked your interest, I’d recommend checking out The Dating Plan. Be warned, the book addresses childhood trauma. It’s a mixture of physical, emotional, and mental abuse. It caught me by surprise. I thought y’all deserved a trigger warning. Other than that, you’d get what you’d expect from a RomCom. The will they won’t they, jealousy, compromising situations, and so much more. We have Sara Desai to thank for that.

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