Aldi Pantry Essentials

With prices going up and quantity going down, name brand loyalty will only get a food budget so far. Obviously, there are certain things a person or family cannot budge on. Like people with food allergies. Regardless of the price, a store brand item’s ingredient list and overall flavor won’t always beat out name brand. That doesn’t mean people in these situations can’t identify name brand items that are up for negotiation. In some cases, packaging is the only difference between name brand and store brand items.

This year, I decided to experiment with more Aldi’s store brand product. You see, most items sold here are store brand, but Aldi carries name brand goods too. Since it’s rare to find everything you need in one place, Aldi is one of many weekly stops for my family. I just wanted to get more out of my shelf and freezer staples during my Aldi trip. Below is list of products I’ve tried and keep stocked at home.


Aldi Bread Section
  • L’oven Fresh
    • Classic White Bread
    • Honey Wheat Sandwich Bread
    • Plain Bagels
    • Everything Bagels
    • Raising Bagel
  • Bake Shop
    • Blueberry Muffins
    • Chocolate Chip Muffins
    • Mini Chocolate Frosted Donuts
    • Mini Muffins
  • Millville Quick Grits
    • A good swap for Quacker’s Grits

Canned Goods & Sauce

  • Happy Harvest
    • Diced Tomatoes
    • Tomatoes Sauce
  • Dakota’s Pride
    • Canned Kidney Beans
    • Canned Black Beans
  • Reggano
    • Traditional Pasta Sauce
    • Meat Flavored Pasta Sauce


Aldi Snacks
  • Chocuer Creme Filled Mini Chocolate Bars
  • Baker’s Treats
    • Coffee Cake
    • Mini Brownie
  • Benton’s
    • Fudge Stripped Fudge Cookies
    • Caramel Coconut Fudge Cookies
    • Peanut Butter Fudge Cookies
  • Clancy’s Pretzel Sticks
  • Savoritz
    • Cheese Dip with Cracker Sticks
    • Extra Cheddar Turtles Baked
      • Basically, these are knock off Goldfish


  • Season’s Choice
    • Hash Brown Patties
    • Steak Fries
    • Steamable Sweet Corn
    • Steamable Broccoli Florets
    • Steamable Mixes Vegetables
    • Steamable California Medley
  • Breakfast Best Cinnamon French Toast
  • Kirkwood Chicken Breast Nuggets

That’s All Folks

If you were feeling hesitant about taking a risk on brand you haven’t tried, I hope this post encourages you. It’s important to save were you can.

Do you have some Aldi recommendations?

Did you see any crowd favorites?


2 thoughts on “Aldi Pantry Essentials

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  1. Aldi was my favourite place to go food shopping in the UK. Here (in Portugal) Aldi is a bit different… feels more like Lidl from there. Curiously, Lidl here looks more like Aldi there… anyway, I think I tried some of Aldi’s brands and I was never disappointed so hopefully families will start exploring it further.

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    1. Me too. The produce, dairy, and meat prices can vary. Sometimes, they’re lower than their competitors. That along with Aldi’s Finds usually attract people. This Grocery Chain has more to offer than that. Its better to try and not like it, than continue to pay more for less.

      By the way, your Lidl and Aldi comparison made me think about Marshalls and Burlington Coat Factory. They’re department stores that sell designer goods for marked down prices. They have similar layout and merchandise.


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