Top 10 Gift Ideas for Your Administrative Professional

Our calendar is full of numerous holidays and special occasions. Some are recognized more than others. When it comes to April, Administrative Professionals Day is one of those neglected holidays. Though Hallmark arms managers and supervisors with cards, there are more thoughtful ways to show appreciation.

For example, one of my previous employers gave me a decorative stack of post it notes, with a nice pen, a Dunkin gift card, and a Administrative Professionals Day card with a hand written message in it. Since I wore different hats at this particular job, I didn’t expect to receive acknowledgement for my administrative contribution. At this point in life, I used up the decorative stack of post it notes and the pen is long gone. I haven’t forgotten that thoughtful gesture.

This year, Administrative Professionals Day is Wednesday, April 26, 2023. If you want to show your appreciation, you have 22 days left to shop. Instead of buying your admin a card accompanied by gift card, check out these options.

1. Note Dispenser

Sticky notes are an office staple. A decorative dispenser can stop post it theft. It’s hard for a camera note dispenser to wander on to someone else’s desks.

2. Reading Rest

Help your administrative assistant keep track of their current book. If they are reading books during their breaks, a Reading Rest can save their book from piles of papers and desk drawers.

3. Notebook with Pens

Just to be clear, a composition notebook is not going to cut it. If the recipient takes a lot of notes, get them a nice notebook that can go the distance. They are not hard to find.

4. Throw Blanket

In the battle against hot and cold, arm your employee with a throw blanket. It’s something they can keep at their desk. Its price range is reasonable. If you have more than one employee to celebrate, you can get them in different colors and fabrics.

5. Cactus

A low maintenance plant can bring life to a desk. If they can survive in harsh conditions, your employee can get through tough days too.

6. Diffuser

Of all the aroma options out there, this has the lowest safety risk. It provides a soothing sent without flames.

7. Snack Basket

A basket of non-perishable is a great gift for the grazer in your office. If you didn’t see a bin full of wrappers near their desk, you might assume they never leave their desk.

8. Desk Art

Many stores sell quotes in different forms. Sentimental, humorous, and inspirational blocks add personality to a work space.

9. Assorted Beverage Basket

A coffee, tea, or hot chocolate basket is a good idea. However, this may require some reconnaissance. If you go this route, make sure they are flavors the recipient likes. Also, make sure it’s a nice basket. Once it’s empty, they can use it for something else.

10. Table Top Fountain

If your employee is glaring at a screen all day, a Table Top Fountain is a soothing distraction. Also, its an unconventional gift.

At the end of the day, your employee will appreciate a card and gift card. There are plenty of workers that are not recognized for their efforts at all. This list is a suggestion of special gifts for your employees. That being said, go shopping while you still can. Happy hunting and stay tuned for Trisha’s Go In Fridays (TGIF)!


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