So Close To Amazing by KariAnne Wood

At the beginning of the year, I was feeling creatively drained, which was making it hard to maintain my three post a week schedule. I decided to minimize my screentime and take out a variety of books to recharge. My family’s weekly library trip is child focused. Typically, I search and put my books on hold ahead of time. That being said, I didn’t skim the shelves waiting for insperation to jump out. Instead, I added a few keywords in the search bar and found KariAnne Wood’s book, So Close To Amazing. The title was catchy and the cover won me over.

I’ll let today be today…and simply wait for tomorrow.

KariAnne Wood, So Close To Amazing

Nicole Grimes’ cover design reminds me of a present that was torn open to early. Rather than ignore the imperfection, the recipient opens the present from where the tare started. Its like imperfections can’t take away it’s beauty. In nutshell, I was excited to see where KariAnne Wood was going to take me.

Let’s Back Up For Sec

KarieAnne Wood is a Christian Author that’s published several lifestyle books with a focus in interior design. This particular book was published back in 2017. Considered it a autobiography of KarieAnne Wood’s leap of faith. It’s also an intimate look at the move that brought Thistlewood Farm to life, which is also the name of her blog.

KarieAnne Wood’s Blog

The Do It Yourself book is filled with life lessons. Some of those lessons were humbling and bruised KarieAnne Wood’s ego. Her faith and determination to see her vision come to fruition helped her come out on the other side of those setbacks. Moving and saying goodbye to the known can create this whimsical picture of how life should go moving forward. That’s not always the case.

We can make our own way, but the Lord gives the right answer.

KarieAnne Wood, So Close To Amazing

Have you noticed that the tear down is quicker than the actual remodel. The sense of accomplishment from destroying the old is quickly doused by the home improvement issues hidden underneath. The finish line gets pushed further than estimated. Contracted and volunteered help is no where to be found. Some of have watched friends and family struggle through this. Why is there a this won’t happen to me me mentality?

I had a BA in decorating shows from cable television.

KarieAnne Wood, So Close to Amazing

Well, television doesn’t help. Remodeling shows don’t hide this frustration, but it does fast forward through it. This makes So Close To Amazing and appropriate title to this time in KarieAnne Wood‘s life. Initially, the Woods we’re going to build a house from the ground up, but a listing for a homestead called to KariAnne. Her faith led her out of Texas. Why not shift gears. The end result was a beautiful home, but four layers of flooring in one room is a lot for anyone to handle. I bring this up to say, that even a faith based choice comes with its own challenges. Even when everything is all said and done, it makes you wonder if you made a selfish choice.

Now That My Family Is Settled…Did I Make The Right Choice

The last third of the book covers KarieAnne’s parenting concerned as well as her own insecurities. Taking root in a new place isn’t a quick process. Hospitality doesn’t equal instant meaningful relationships. Once we get over the stress of all that, we’ve got time to doubt our choices. Was this the best move for my family? Maybe we should have waited a few more years? Will my children resent me for this? If the answers to those questions are positive, we move that line of questioning inward. Am I doing enough? Am I good mother, wife, and so on? These are the relatable questions KarieAnne talked about in So Close To Amazing.

Final Thoughts

Much like cookbooks, I’m highly unlikely to attempt the DIY projects in So Close To Amazing, but I finished the book feeling reguvinated. If your not familiar with KariAnne Wood, I recommend checking out her blog and books.


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