Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Eggs

As far as PR goes, eggs have been the butt of many jokes for quite a while. There's reels of people sharing videos of their chicken coops. There's memes of bougie chickens dressed to impress. All jokes aside, there are good things that we can take away from eggs besides nutrition. Cracks are just the... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Butterflies

Although Winter has a chokehold on March, it's officially the first day of Spring! It is the time of year that catapillars prepare for their metamorphosis. Their journey inspired this week's Motivational Mondays with Trisha. Positive change takes effort and consistency. The outcome of that labor can take longer than we'd like. When giving up... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Irish Proverbs

Life is full of lessons that we can learn from and accept. Lingering on the lesson doesn't help us move forward, it only provides negativity and extended stay. Although there's an odd comfort that comes with the past, the unknown has the potential for prosperity. Let's greet the first Monday of March with Irish Proverbs.... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Spring

It may feel like your city doesn't know what season it wants to be right now. Do not fret. Spring is almost here. It is a time of rebirth and reflection. Winter's reluctant to accept the end. Spring is eager to reset the world. If you're feeling restless, think about how this year has gone... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Creativity

Have you noticed that creativity is encouraged early in life, but adolescence interested in becoming artisans are advised against it. Its the idea that you can't make a living doing what you love. They're encouraged to put that creative energy into academics and sports. After all,  a creative mind can be utilized in unexpected places.... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Diligence

Last year, I wanted to increase my publishing schedule with consistent content. But what to write? I started with an idea that I abandoned 10 years ago. To my surprise, Motivational Mondays/Meme Mondays¬† with Trisha (MMWT) is 10-months old. It sounds like an easy weekly post to maintain. Honestly, MMWT requires diligence. Some Mondays are... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Tea

Tea is soothing to the mind, body, and soul. Its multifaceted as well. In some culture's the act of preparing tea is art. From medicinal to leisure, it's purpose shifts. Let's center ourselves figuratively with tea. Need more quotes? Click your favorite of the week and see where it takes you. See you tomorrow for... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Flowers

For something that is beautiful and temporary, flowers have a way of putting things into perspective. The life cycle of a flower is like many other plants. Specifically, flowers found in nature. They must grow through adverse weather and are at the mercy of curious wildlife. Yet, they continue to grow. The journey from seed... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Candy

We're a few weeks away from Valentine's Day and it feels like assorted candies and chocolates are everywhere. Senses are engaged by colorful packaging and the sweet aroma of sugar confections. Even if these items aren't purchased before Valentine's Day, the happiness of marked down candy after the celebration of love brings a smile to... Continue Reading →

Motivational Mondays with Trisha: Lagom

It's week two of the new year. The holiday season promoted an abundance of rest and celebration. Now that the festivities are over and the decorations are put away, some of use are struggling to get back into our routines. The Swedish philosophy Lagom can help us center ourselves. It's not that the Lagom lifestyle... Continue Reading →

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