Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Reading is a necessary life skill. People, that are not illiterate, do it everyday. Some read with a purpose and others read for pleasure. Thanks to technological advancements, books are available in different forms. Paperback books and hardcover books are printed in bulk with printing presses. The amount of material used to make them and the country they are sold in fluctuates their cost. Digital devices and apps make it possible to read e-books on smartphones, e-readers (nook or kindle), tablets and laptops. So, there are different ways to give gifts to pleasure readers in your life.


Nook and Kindle are popular choices. Both devices have apps they can sync too. So, they can easily move there digital library to the new e-reader. To compete with tablets, e-readers have evolved into multi-media devices. Users can add games, search the web, and use most streaming services.


Yes, some people still flip through pages. Life can stop a reader mid-sentence. Bookmarks are needed and appreciated. I prefer magnetic book marks. They are less likely to fall out of the book. Re-marks has cute options.


These are not expensive, but you should see how many books the recipient owns. Size and quantity are important. You don’t want the shelf to fall a apart. Even if its too big, they can store their DVD collection on it as well.

Personalized Message/Gift from their Favorite Author

Many authors are open to interacting with the fans. Social media and personal websites makes it much easier to reach out to them. Look into your book lovers favorite author. They may have processes in place to interact with their fans as well as upcoming events.

Gift Card

Not sure what your book lover likes? Pick up a gift card for a local/favorite bookstore. It’s more personal than a visa gift card, because it can only be used at that establishment. This way, they use the gift card to treat themselves.

Take Them To A Brown Bag Sale

Libraries sell books to make room for new books and donations. A library book sale is very affordable. Most books are 80 to 95 percent cheaper than their value. Treat them to a shopping spree. Afterword, you can put funds towards other things like and activity or a meal.

Need specific gift ideas and book reviews? No worries! Kristen @ Kristen Kraves Books is your gal. Check out what’s she’s coveting at her blog!

Hey. Book lover. Am I missing anything? Please let us know!

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