Motivational Mondays with Trisha : Mindfulness

During year one of Magnify Your Style, I experimented with different types of blog post. Some had the potential to be weekly themed post. That felt restricting. Instead of settling on a particular type or style, I decided to publish whatever inspired me once a week. Because of that, I realize my content is not appealing to all of my readers on a weekly basis. Lets say you came here for food posts. I love reviewing recipes and products, but I can go four to six weeks without writing anything about food. See what I mean? I am not going to change the surprise element of Tuesday posts, but I am willing to publish more structured and themed post.

What to do? What to write? These are the questions that have plagued me for the last three months. It’s a revolving topic with my wellness coach, Wendy Longoria. During a weekend review of oldie but goodie blog posts, I decided to bring back Motivational Mondays with a twist. Every Monday will be about memes or quotes I like. Since I share both daily, why not make alternate post here?

This week’s theme is mindfulness. Our thoughts and spoken word are powerful. They can tear us down from within, soothe us, and propel us forward. It starts with the mind. To narrow my selection, I searched for quotes I saved on my Pinterest board.

Need more quotes? Click your favorite of the week and see where it takes you!

Sharing is caring! Let me know what you think.

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