Psych and PeacockTV

Psych is one of my all time favorite shows! Since the show ended in 2014, a few networks like USA air limited reruns. Even cable companies with On Demand features only gave viewers the option of watching shows that previously aired on other channels. Honestly, Psych is  show that you can watch out of order, but I was tired of being restricted. Yes, the series is available on DVD. I’ve watch disc one, disc two, and son on. I like the free range of streaming on devices and listening with Bluetooth earbuds. Psych-Os like myself are keeping the love and memory of Psych alive. When I found out the entire  Psych series was free to watch on Peacock, I subscribed.

The only catch is commercials. I don’t mind the ads. Hulu subscription with ads is affordable. So, free Peacock with ads is like watching YouTube. Well maybe not as many ads as YouTube…more like Hulu. Plus, all three movies are on Peacock TV too. My husband noticed the first two movies were on Peacock before I did. If you include Psych the Musical, it’s technically 4. That’s not the point. Psych was my gateway to Peacock’s library. So, why is Psych worth downloading another streaming service? I have a few reasons…

Shawn and Gus have an amazing friendship

Childhood friendships are hard to maintain. Sure, social media makes it easy to keep tabs on childhood friends, but how often do you talk to all of them individually? Honestly, Shawn Spenser and Burton “Gus” Guster’s dynamic remind me of Turk and T.J. from Scrubs. If you loved them, check out Psych. Truthfully, this is the best time to join the fandom. The show is done and we get a movie every couple of years. Even though James Roday Rodriguez (Shawn) and Dulé Hill (Gus) are doing well on their own. It’s nice to see reprising their roles. Que Boys Are Back In Town.

Whimsical Mysteries

Did I fail to mention that Psych is detective/mystery show. Since, Shawn and Gus use obscure measures to solve cases, they get the occasional supernatural case. You know… vampires, lycans, ghosts…aliens. Truthfully, run of the mill cases still take on Scooby Doo vibes with their shinanigans. Not quite Monk level mysteries, but amusing nonetheless.

Will They Won’t They

Shawn and Julia (Jules) O’Hara, a Santa Monica Detective, had instant chemistry from the start. Her interactions with Gus showed she could easily get the best friend endorsement from him but… something always got in the way. In my opinion, the timing trope was used heavily in the show. Not in such a way that the situations weren’t realistic. If you’re new to the series, I won’t say anything else about Shawn and Jules. Just know, I was rooting for them the start.

Free To Watch Without A Paid Subscription

Since a lot of networks are removing series from Hulu and Netflix in the hope of earning streaming revenue, it’s fustraring to find out your favorite shows streaming contract was not renewed. In other cases, new seasons of your favorite show is exclusively streamed on one network. This happened with Steven Universe, Jersey Shore Family Vacation, and Steven Universe Future. Some imply these new streaming services are popping up to avoid taxation. KevOnStage and That Chick Angel made some valid points . Maintaining multiple streaming services is more expensive than standard cable. Shoot, some providers try push minimal cable fees for customers that strictly wanted internet. This is why I appreciate Peacock’s free subscription. If you’re trying to decrease you’re entertainment budget, you don’t have to give up Peacock.

By the way, I didn’t plan to use GIF for the whole post, but they were so fitting! The Vampire Duo alone makes one raise an eyebrow. Plus the joy of skipping with food in an open field with no context seems delightful to me. In this case micro motion pictures are more fun to illustrate my points. Lastly, this is not a sponsored post. I genuinely love Psych. I appreciate that the series is accessible and affordable.


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