Meme Mondays with Trisha : Vacation

For the last three weeks, I’ve asked you to think about things that are stunting your growth, communicating within your circle, and actively working towards your goals. It felt like it was time to decompress from all that with Monday Memes with Trish. We are laughing today. If your not in the mood, I’ll take a smirk. That’s a half a smile… right? Or is it more like a quarter. How about Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Yes, that’s oddly specific.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Promo Photo via MTV Australia

Last Meme Mondays was Cool For The Summer. Although it’s still summer, I didn’t want to use the same theme back to back. The “vacation” part of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. I’ve watched the crew since there Jersey Shore debut January 2010. I’m not using meme from that show, because they had to work back then. Where’s the fun in that? I know some people don’t like the spin off, but here me out.

The Real Housewives franchise started in 2006. It’s 2022 and it’s still going. The Moms of Teen Moms and Teen Moms 2 are still filming. These women are creeping on thirty. Why?’These are two series on different networks that are creeping on two decades of Reality TV. Why rain on Jersey Shore’s parade?

Sorry if the public service announcement killed the vibe. Let’s get back to reason why you’re here. Memes!

This little tidbit is from Season 2. Mike “The Situation” upcoming nuptials is partially getting in the way of his foodie tendencies. Kind of…not really. Either way, the dilemma is relatable 😆
So I’m going to take this out of context. Don’t you love the self designated photographer that doesn’t have everyone’s best angles in mind. If that’s you…do better 😐
If you need context, he’s actually talking about his extensive skin care routine. Hey do with it what you will 😏
The Dude Ranch was fun but it ended on an awkward note. Even good trips reach an “I’m ready to go home” phase. Nothing wrong with Pauly D’s energy in this moment.

That’s all folks for Jersey Shore Family Vacation memes. Thanks for the GIFs Giphy! Hope you smirked and/or chuckled today.  See you tomorrow for Tuesday’s mystery post!

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