And the 120th Breath of the Wild Shrine is…

On February 14, 2021, Zelda guilted me into saving her from Calamity Ganon. Technically, I could have saved her sooner. I had the Master Sword, Hylian Shield, and gained control of the Divine Beasts. After I did all this, I spent time training to increase my strength and stamina…and cooking…and hunting. Truthfully, you can face Calamity Ganon without all the items I mentioned. Personally, I like getting all the upgrades I can and completing all the quest. Which is why, I had issues finding the 120th Shrine.

Turns out this is the thorn in a lot of gamers sides, because it’s different for everyone. There Trust me, I searched for answers all over the web. My 120th shrine is Sho Dantu Shrine, which is located near Gerudo Tower. In my defense my shrine sensor did not go off for this. Unless, I was wondering in this area, I wouldn’t come across it.

Luckily, this wasn’t a difficult shrine. I’ll admit, I used bomb arrows for some of it. I figured they would work like my remote bombs and they did. Upon completion, I recieved a side quest called “A Gift from the Monks.”

At this point, I spent a majority of my time slaying Lynels, shield surfing, and finishing the shrines I left in orange. So, I needed to restock. I’m more of an archer than a swordsman. Time to go shopping.

My top places to buy in bulk is Tarrey Town and Gerudo Town. If my bomb arrows are low, I head to Hateno Village and Rito Village.

I finished the homeowner side quest, so my house has a few weapons, shields, and bows. Since I have the Hylian shield, I don’t need others. The shield cannot be destroyed. However, the master sword has a limit. Since it’s on the brink of destruction, I’m going to break it. The light will be restored and ready for my upcoming side quest. Turns out I did all that prep for nothing.

When you get to the location of “A Gift From The Monks” quest it’s literally three treasure chest full of clothing. The the battle I was preparing for requires purchasing Downloadable Content (DLC). Breath of the Wild has two. I bought DLC One and DLC Two for my birthday. Right now, I’m working on the The Champions Ballad, because the Master Trials sounds very hard. I’m not in the mood for losing the Master Sword indefinitely…

Long story short, there is no easy way to find the 120th shrine. You literally have to go region by region to figure out which one you missed. Since Breath of the Wild is an open world, it’ll take some exploring to find it.

When it comes to games, I’m a completionist, but I am not a perfectionist. If I can get help from others I am going to. Below are online game guides I use/used to make progress on BOTW:

Have you played Breath of the Wild?

What was your last shrine?

What’s your top three Legend of Zelda games?


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