The Geek’s Cookbook

Liguorie Lecomte is a an unlikely chef. Hear me out, he admits in his intro that he wasn’t thinking about cooking and baking as a teen. He was diving into pop culture. Games, movies, books and cartoons. If you focused solely on that time in his life a career in the entertainment industry seemed more likely. Obviously that’s not what happened. Instead of leaving entrainment behind, he took it with him.  In fact, he has an offbeat cooking workshop.

Details Details Details

I loved seeing posh dishes inspired by movies, cartoons, shows and books. The four dishes from top to bottom were inspired by The Matrix, Dexter, Legend of Zda Wind Waker, and Pokémon. Each page was pin worthy.

The Universe User Guide gives a brief description of the Pop Culture Chef Liguorie used for his cookbook. The background knowledge is not needed for the recipes, but I am all for tidbits.

Beware some recipes have spoiler alerts. Don’t worry, they are at the bottom of the recipe. It’s your choice…did you get Morpheus vibes? He has a dessert on Page 24 within the Cinema Section.

If Legend of Zelda is in it…I’m going to talk about it.

Elixir Soup featured in Zelda Dungeon

I was genuinely surprised Chef Liguorie was inspired by Wind Waker. Since Link uses bottles in other games, I initially thought the Elixer Soup was Orden Pumpkin Soup from Skyward Sword. Plus, I don’t like how toon link looks in Skyward Sword. From the first game trailer alone, I knew I was not going to play this game.  I’ve heard good things about this game, but Legend of Zelda games are inherently time consuming. Especially on the first run through. Even the fruit dish directly after this recipe resembles a Deku Shrub mask from Majora’s Mask to me.

By the way…

Liguorie Lecomte updated The Geek’s Cookbook. Skyhourse published it September 7, 2021. Personally, I think the PokeBall meringue cover is cuter. That’s probably because Pokémon had a bigger impact in my life than Star Wars. In fact, I’m playing Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Legends: Arceus on my Nintendo Switch Lite. Getting back on topic, the price is still reasonable for a niche cookbook. It’s $13.99 before tax. Just be mindful of where you purchase it.

If you’d rather start off with the cookbook Skyhorse published in 2016, the ISBN is 978-1-5107-2923-0 and the ISBNe is 978-1-5107-2927-8.

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