TGIF: Horimiya is Full of Love and Friendship

One friend can change your life


This morning, I was hunting for love quotes for a Valentine’s Day inspired post. Yes, it’s December, but inspiration is a funny thing. You’ve gotta strike while the iron is hot. The quote above reminded me of Horimiya, an anime. “Popular Hori and outcast Miyamura learn about each other’s true personalities and become close friends,” (Funimation).  Hori isn’t Miyamura’s first friend, but she is the first person in highschool that didn’t make assumptions about him. There connection buds into a romance that neither expected.

Their story started as a Japanese webcomic called Hori-san to Miyamura-kun. Yen Press printed the manga, Horimiya. Like most shoujo anime, Horimiya only has one season. Without spoiling the climax and conclusion, webcomic readers can tell where the anime started to fast forward. Thankfully, the “will they won’t they trope” isn’t used. Strictly viewers can watch a satisfying ending After all, there’s only 13 Episodes.

Horimiya Season One Cover
Psst…the pattern of the cover manners šŸ˜‰

Some viewers may argue mutual friends of Hori and Miyamura centred episodes take away from the couple screentime. Readers know otherwise, because the manga goes at a slower pace than the anime. In fact Vol. 16 synopsis aligns with Episode 13. Animation wise, I wish Horimiya was treated more like Viz Media’s Komi Can’t Communicate.

The manga had the potential to receive  few seasons like My Teen Romantic SNAFU, which is another novel to manga turned anime printed by Yen Press. To be clear, Yen Press is one of many publishers that provide a space for English readers to enjoy translated Japanese/Korean stories. In many cases, Yen Press is not the first publisher. If you’re interested in going beyond the anime for a slower burn, Horimiya Vol. 1 thru Vol. 15 are available for purchase. Vol. 16 goes on sale May 23, 2023. There’s plenty of time to catch up!

TGIF started with a quote and ended with slight annoyance with accelerated romance animes. There are plenty of romance anime that take a slower burn than Horimiya, just for viewers to never see the end animated. Kamisama Kiss and Snow White with the Red Hair comes to mind. It’s a bit aggravating. At least all of the anime I mentioned are available to watch dubbed. If I looked at it from a glass half full perspective, I don’t have to read subtitles. Maybe there’s hope for longer running non-action anime series.

Horimiya Kyoko Hori Nendoroid
Crunchyroll Horimiya Collectibles

Do you watch romance anime? If so, do you prefer the Slice of Life sub genre or Fantasy?

Do you take note of publishers that print your favorites books or is that an insignificant detail to you?

Sharing is caring! Let me know what you think.

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