Nostalgia Snacks : Dunkaroos

TGIF everybody! We’ve made it to the weekend and I’m feeling a little nostalgic today. This week’s Motivational Monday theme made me think about the joy associated with sugary confections. Dunkaroos aren’t candy, but they are sugary. That’s close enough. Growing up, we didn’t get Dunkaroos that often. It’s kinda hard justifying keeping boxes of mini cookies with a dollup of icing in the pantry. When we did get them, it was a nice surprise. My favorite Dunkaroos came with vanilla icing with rainbow sprinkles. It was like a crunchy version of a Funfetti Cake. Looking back, the packaging had a 90s vibes. When I was finally old enough (and had the money) to buy these, I couldn’t find them anywhere. My nostalgia snack was discontinued. They became a memory [Mashed did a nice job explaining how and why this happened].

Why Dankaroos Disappeared ~ Mashed

Dunkaroos Return to U.S. Stores

Sephiroth Memory GIF FFVII
If this Final Fantasy VII quote seems out of place, this is how much mind works…

I had no idea Dunkaroos planned to come back Summer 2020. I was completely oblivious to the social media campaign. To be fair, a lot was going on Spring 2020.

Although I was late to the party, I found them by Walmart’s self checkout. You know, that section of the store that tries to entice you to buy snacks and trinkets . I was so surprised to find them that I shared my bounty.

Over the past two years, Dunkaroos managed to go from single sale quick snacks by the cash register to standard boxes in the cookie section. General Mills didn’t stop there. Dunkaroos has found multiple ways to stay on the shelf. An unexpected Collab with GoGurt brought Dunkaroos to the dairy section. Let’s not forget the current snack inspired cereal fad that isn’t going away anytime soon.

For now, I’m sticking to the classics. Still, it’s nice to share a bit of my childhood with me kids from time to time. By the looks of it, Dunkaroos are here for the long run. If 80s culture is still going strong, it seems the skies the limit for Dunkaroos.

What’s a discounted snack yo

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