Why I Stopped Buying Traditional Easter Baskets

I love holiday decorations. There’s something about signature colors that let you know what holiday and season is coming to town. Although, March is associated with St. Patrick’s Day, Easter decor has made itself known since February 15. Technically, it’s Easter’s time to shine for about two and a half months. That’s plenty of time to be tempted by the holiday display of assorted of Easter baskets.

During the pandemic I literally got my kids shark themed Easter baskets. One was a plushie and the other was more like a beach bucket. Structurally, both types of Easter Baskets have grown in popularity over the years. One is sturdy and can be used for various items. The other is soft like a stuffed animal. So what’s wrong with getting these types of baskets?

Buy, Give, and Repeat

Photo of Assorted Easter Baskets At Dollar Tree taken by Patricia Streeter

There’s an unwritten expectation that a child should receive a new basket every year. It’s not something that is out right said. This is one of those times where being environmental conscious gets pushed to the wayside in favor of showmanship. When honestly, most children (that celebrate the commerical version of Easter) are concerned about two things. One, what’s in my Easter basket. Two, is it deep enough to grab as many Easter eggs as I can find. You see, presentation is nice but that fades in like two seconds. Kinda like wrapped Christmas presents. The excitement for the presentation is there and quickly eclipsed by discovering what’s under all that paper and scotch tape.

How About Multipurpose Easter Baskets

When I only had on kiddo to worry about, I considered getting baskets that went well with the color scheme of my home. This way, I could get more use out of that $1 to $10 Basket. Once I had more traditional baskets than I needed, I started getting the oversized Easter sand buckets. They were durable and could be used to hold small toys, books, and art supplies in my child’s room. I was decreasing these baskets carbon foot print, but I was still needlessly boughg Easter baskets on an annual basis.

What’s The Alternative?

Last year, I decided to use Easter gift bags that looked like Easter baskets for my kids. Structurally, they were deeper than I thought they’d be. There was plenty of room for fake grass, candy, plastic eggs, and trinkets. They held up well for the Easter egg hunt too. At the end of the day, I ended up with faux Easter baskets that didn’t take up unnecessary space. There was a downside. The bags weren’t as durable as regular Easter baskets. So, I had to buy more this year. This time, I’m bought celephane bags to dress up their baskets a little bit.

Final Thoughts

Although, I ended up buying more faux Easter baskets this year. I am trying to reduce how many Easter baskets and pails end up at a landfill. Even though, things like Easter baskets can be donated to thrift stores, many are thrown away without a second thought. Some, that aren’t tossed  or broken, get held onto for sentimental value. Whether a child receives a basket from infant to young adult or infant to adolescence, that’s still over thirteen baskets for one person. My new method may seem wasteful. We’ll have to see how the bags hold up this year.

Happy Easter

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