Ellises Family Vacation: Explore US History

A few weeks ago, I was watching Marriage Be Hard Conversation with two of my favorite family Influencers. The Fredericks and The Ellises. Their first on camera conversation that I watched was The Love Hour podcast back in 2020. Each couple shared thoughtful and vulnerable stories about the benefits and misconception of marriage. Their honesty was refreshing. That conversation led to a deep dive into The Ellises Vlog. The pandemic gave me plenty of time to catch up. Since then, I keep up with them on YouTube and Instagram.

Who Are The Ellises

Devale and Khadeen Ellis are successful entrepreneurs that have worked hard to achieve their childhood dreams. Collectively they’ve collaborated with multiple brands, published books, all while sharing the highs and lows of parenting. They’re raising four boys and make a conscious effort to expand their world view. Their recent project with GoUSA TV is an extension of that intent.

What’s GoUSA TV

GoUSA TV is America’s premier travel entertainment network, where travelers can watch stories about the USA’s must-see places, great outdoors, foodie hot spots, and amazing road trips.


When Devale and Khadeen mentioned their new travel show, I didn’t think it would be available to watch for free. Out of curiosity, I downloaded the app. True to advertising, I had immediate access to GoUSA TV’s catalogue. So far, I haven’t encountered exclusive content that requires a login or card information. GoUSA TV had a daily streaming schedule; plus, on demand. The average show is 7 to 10 minutes, which makes it easy to set aside time for travel entertainment. 

Where To Stream GoUSA TV for Free

Ellises Family Vacation Episodes

Each episode opens with travel and historical information about their destination. The viewer watches the family visit several attractions. Some are educational others are entertaining. There’s also cut scenes where Devale and Khadeen share travel issues and tidbits about their family.

  • Ellises Family Vacation: New Orleans
  • Ellises Family Vacation: Grand Canyon
  • Ellises Family Vacation: Birmingham
  • Ellises Family Vacation: Washington DC

Final Thoughts

Considering the average length of a GoUSA TV show is 7 to 10 minutes, Ellesis Family Vacation’s run-time is above average. I learned something new about each destinations. The viewer gets a preview of must see places to add to a road trip or day trip. I enjoyed all four episodes and hope there are more to come.


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