Handbags That Will Keep You Hot and Steamy This Winter

Depending on what part of the world you reside, you need to select bags that can handle your life and the weather. During the summer, I used an unstructured bag that was featured on Lemon Crate! I was able to rock this bag from April to late September. As the weather got colder, I realized my tan bag was not going to cut it any mor. It couldn’t handle the dark rich colors of fall, nor the unpredictable fall and winter weather. As a result, I started searching for a new bag.

During a shopping trip for a new suit for the NEPA Blog Con September 29, 2012, I was at the Wyoming Valley Mall looking for a suit. I knew many new and experience bloggers would be there. So, I wanted to live up to my blogs persona. Plus, I needed a new suit.

The grey suit I bought cost less than I expected, which left room for me to indulge in a staple. I had not intention in buying a handbag. Then I thought, “Where am I going to put my things?” I didn’t want to bring a laptop case and my unstructured bag would like dead and wilted next to my power suit. So I made a decision, it was time to find a new bag. It needed to be something that I could get a lot of frequent flyer miles out of and would be able to handle my daily tasks.

 Many bags competed for my companionship, but only one bag won. It was a black patent leather faux snake-skin Nine West handbag! This bag was retailed at $87.00, but I got it for $21! With a price like that, I couldn’t let this slip through my fingers. This sleek baby is able to expand like a unstructured bag, but it won’t lose its shape. It can fit my wallet, notebook, magazines, and other fashion blogger essentials. Paired with my suit, I was ready to take on the blog conference! After a day of excellent presentations, I left happy I’d come and looking forward too getting more use out of my bag. So far its holding up. It’s comfortable and has been able to handle hurricane winds and rain. I have high hopes it’ll make it through the winter. Since, I’ve found my winter bag, it’s time to help you find yours! If your still rocking spring/summer trend hand bags, today is the day to tuck it away fo next season. If you live in an area where these spring/summer handbags are appropriate for the weather, then prep for the winter and take a look at this eye candy!

Nine West HandbagsLurex 9s Jacquard Large Shopper

Nude is perfect fo any season. There is something about nude and creme that makes your think of a steamy cup of coffee. When I see this bag, I think of a tall Starbucks cappuccino. It has a lot of storage space and lives up to its shopping name. If you have a long day planned, you’ll have room for your essentials, bottles of water, and purchases that are too small to fit in large shopping bags. The fabric and trim of this hand bag is perfect for a sunny fall day. Plus, most colors look great with nude.

Boulevard Ivy

When people think of business women, they assume they walk around with laptop cases, brief cases, and handbags similar to mine. Well, I have some new for you. It is acceptable to use backpack handbags in the work place. No matter what occupation, women are always multi tasking and using their hands. There is nothing wrong with using a handbag you can carry on your back. Instead of using a school book bag, you can get a strong, good quality hand bag. Boulevard Ivy is an excellent bag because it has plenty of pockets for organization and great for everyday use.

Carlo Fellini Uma

Though the last two bags are great for everyday use, some bags you need for special occasions. Whether it’s a night out on the town with the ladies or dinner with a special someone, your large bag is not needed. If anything, it will slow you down and become a nuisance. To help you keep the night live and fun, this lovely clutch will have you back. Personally, I like these types of clutches, because I know they are sealed. During the winter you don’t want to take your chances with a week zipper. Instead, use this bling incrusted clutch that will keep your items secure. Plus, it comes with a chain that can be used as shoulder bag. The dark rich interior is a pleasant unexpected surprise and a awesome essential for a lady of the night.

Jessica Simpson Bow Chic Tote

 I don’t know why, but I am drawn to this large bow. This Jessica Simpson bag reminds us that it’s fun to be a lady. This simple detail can send you back to simpler times. Sleepover with your girlfriends, experimenting with beauty products, and just being a little girl again. Plus, it’s a tote! Who can resist totes? I know I can’t! Jessica Simpson Bow Chic Tote can be used everyday, but it can expand. Try not to put your entire life in this bag. It’ll lose it’s structure and you bags bulge will take away from the bow. If you don’t care for the color, it can be purchased in pink, and appropriate color for a cute bag.

All of these bags can be purchased on ebags.com. Here you’ll find winter and holiday bags. These are just a few of my favorites. If you don’t see any that suit your fancy, feel free to see what ebags has to offer!

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