Fashion in Music: Ellie Goulding

If I had to choose between fashion and music, I’d take both and run for the hills. They both are intertwined. Let’s face it, fashion shows would be dull without music. Instead of looking fierce, models would look pissed and/or bored. Music needs fashion because clothing and accessories help develop an artist image. In addition, it brings their music to life. This is the reason I love music videos. This is where I can see fashion and music collide. The vocals are painted with clothing, sets, and lighting. Needles to say, I was excited to find Ellie Goulding’s music videos on YouTube.

Ellie Goulding’s voice is chilling and soothing at the same time. The first time I heard her was on Pandora. I like Pandora because it exposes me to music I have never heard before. I do not recall what station/song brought her to me. I do know that she caught my attention. So, I liked her song. After a few times around, I decided to add new stations with her songs to see what else she was made of. Ellie did not disappoint. As a result, I searched for her music videos and found these three!

“Anything Could Happen”

When I first watched this video,  I was not expecting the metallic spheres. They off set her one shoulder sheath dress. In addition, the cloud was unexpected. Though the song is sad, the music video is eerie and beautiful. The feeling her music invokes would not be possible visually without the set of the song. The beach front and the road are important because the beach symbolizes peace and tranquility. The road shows pain and separation. If you notice, the love interest spends more time one the road in the car being affectionate than the beach with Ellie. Overall, I liked the music video and wanted to see what “Starry Eyed” would look like.

“Starry Eyed”

Starry Eyed is more up beat then Anything Could happen. It’s also very colorful. It looks like a majority of the music video is taking place in a dance studio. The dancers slow motion adds depth to the video. In this particular video she has about three costumes changes. One is a short metallic dress. The other is a white studded shirt and the last outfit that involves her suspension in mid-air is a simple white blouse with black pants and black ballet slippers. In this particular video, she keeps most of the attention on herself. Though she is discussing someone else, showing her alone with other dances gives off the feeling that she is thinking about that person. Also, mirrors seems to be a theme in her videos. The first one had a small triangle mirror on the ground. The next has a glass runway. The importance of a reflection is unknown but may gain meaning in the next video. This is only if it is present.

“Your Song”

The tone of her voice, piano, and orchestra let’s you know right away the song is very sad. The lighting and scenes shown in the video gives off a feeling that she is reflecting on the past in her present. Her clothing is casual and comfortable. The knit hat adds innocence and her coats make a seem like any girl. This makes her relatable. Someone can picture themselves in her shoes. Her decision to film the video in the fall was an excellent idea because the fall is the end of the summer. The season is changing to a season of cold and bitterness. Fall is a time of reflection, because it is ones last chance to take a good look at things before the world goes into hibernation.

“Guns and Horses”

For some reason this song made me think of the Twilight Saga. I shouldn’t associate the woods and her clothing to it, but I can’t help it. Her choice to go with one outfit was a good idea. Her background dancers have loud outfits. I do like that the soldiers are dancing like puppets. The colors of their outfits really pop in the woods. To a degree, her dancers make me think of the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. If there are any MCR fans out there, I am not saying they are the same. These are just observations. Moving on, adding glimpses of the crew is nice, because you wouldn’t have the music video without them. From the director to the choreographer, music videos would be terrible without them. Not many people do this.

“Figure 8”

Figure 8 is a very intense song. Though her voice is soft and sweet. You can feel her pain. Starting the video on a bed was a wise choice. Right away she looks vulnerable and depressing. The scene is white and innocent. Once her vocals begin, the set goes red. This shows her anger and frustration with her recent ex. All she can think about are the last moments he was there. Even those moments where full of distance and pain. By going with undergarments and the red chiffon wrap, she can’t hide from the viewer. Everything about this moment is exposed. It is sad and beautiful

Whether you agree with my analysis or not, I hope you enjoyed her music and saw some of the points I made.

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