Motivational Monday with Trisha: Renew Yourself

New year new me sounds a bit cliche, but there’s meaning behind it. It’s giving yourself the permission to start over. Sticking to your values is a good thing. If the result of that conviction is pain, it’s time to consider a new path. Taking the first step toward change can be difficult. We might put a date on it. We assume tomorrow is promised. It’s not. Acknowledging the problem isn’t enough. If you are not sure where to start, seeking knowledge is a first step. I don’t agree with leaping into the unknown without a plan. Humbling ourselves is a helpful way to walk a new path. Confronting the fear that autos is from closing chapters provides the clarity needed to move forward.

Need more quotes? Click your favorite of the week and see where it takes you. See you tomorrow for Tuesday’s Mystery post!

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