My Top Post of 2022 Is…

Hello lovely readers. I’ve managed to stick to my goal and publish upto three post a week. You’ve responded to the increase of content with positive feedback and engagement. These actions encourage me to stay the course. Truth be told, many of my older post have kept my blog alive. New content is starting to make it’s way into the Top 10. I thought this would be a fun way to acknowledge the posts that started it all. Plus see the underdogs that made the cut. So without further ado, let’s see which posts tried to dethrone content from 2012.

10. A Very Monkey Christmas with Crafty Morning ~ Published 2019

A collection of holiday crafts curated by Crafty Morning

9. Tropical Snacks for a Bargain at Marshall ~ Published 2020

Three snacks that are delicious and cheaper to buy at Marshall

8. Lore Olympus Volume One ~ Published 2022

Lore Olympus Volume One Cover

A first look at a webcomic to graphic novel

7. Apples, Apples, Apples ~ Published 2022

Apple Picking Photo From Apples Post

A core memory led to a post about apples

6. Summer Nights ~ Published 2013

Sandra D with the Pink Ladies

A Breakdown of a hit song from Grease

5. Christmas Shenanigans ~ Published 2022

Jack Skellington and The Grinch Meme

A story I shared about a meme I liked

4. Nightmare Before Christmas ~ Published 2012

Nightmare Before Christmas Post Cover Photo

Clothing and accessories inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas

3. Soothing Cooking by Imamu Room ~ Published 2021

Soothing Cooking Post Cover Photo

A Review of a Japanese Content Creator that inspires me

2. Webtoon One Daily Free Episode Ensures Popular Completed Series Continue to Make Revenue for Creators ~ Published 2021

My Dear Cold Blooded King

A cautionary tale about Daily Free Episodes

1. Southern Fashion in Film: ATL ~ Published 2012

Collage from My ATL 2012 Post

Reflecting on the fashion and storyline of ATL

I’m not surprised that Nightmare Before Christmas and ATL held stayed in the Top Three this year. They rank well on Google, have popular images and we’re published ten years ago. Age helps with SEO. I am pleased my Webtoon content and Imamu Room made it in the Top 5. Honestly, I thought it would take longer for 2020 thru 2022 content to make the Top 10.

Overall, it’s interesting to see the shift from Fashion blogger to Lifestyle blogger. I got to a point where my initial intent for Magnify Your Style felt restrictive. Acknowledging that feeling and doing something about helped me grow as a content creator. Thank you for coming along for the ride and a Happy New Year!


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